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Win the Race with Decluttering & Organizing

Win the Race with Decluttering & Organizing

Slow and steady can win the race with decluttering and organizing. You don't have to organize a whole room at one time. Break it down into manageable sections and work for a short time consistently. Keep moving forward and you will get it done!

Great advice, right? That tip comes from the Facebook page of professional organizer Monika Kristofferson, owner of Efficient Organization. Monika took time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions that will help Go Trashy readers with their spring cleaning, decluttering goals, or even preparing for a move.

Here’s a sneak peak of what she had to say. Read the full interview on our LinkedIn page.

Go Trashy (GT): What do you like most about your work?

Monika Kristofferson (MK): The fact that I have variety to each day in the work I do. I work with a variety of clients and each one has their own unique organizing needs and projects.  Other days I may be giving an organizing presentation or writing articles on organizing or productivity for local newspapers.

GT: What would be your best piece of advice for people who are overwhelmed moving or downsizing all the stuff they have?

MK: Start as soon as you can. The sooner you start decluttering your belongings the easier it will be for you when it is time to pack to move. This also will allow you to work for shorter hours. I’ve found that my clients work best in 2-3 hour increments. If you have a move coming up quickly, you may have to work very long, tiring days to purge each area of your home.

GT: Those who are moving or downsizing have already made a tough decision and emotions are running high. When they bring you in, they’ve made a conscious decision to try and bring some order to their things. How do you help clients overcome attachments and the need-to-keep when their emotions are already running hot?

MK: When I’m working with clients who are moving or downsizing, they typically have already embraced the fact that they need to have less stuff in their lives in order to have a successful move. Once they start going through drawers and closets full of belongings that they have had for years, they often question why they have held on to things that they find and are able to let them go. When people are downsizing, I have found four things happen.  1) They give specific things to family and friends. 2) They sell valuable items. 3) They donate items that don’t have much value to them but they know could help someone. 4) They keep what’s left to pack and move to the next location.

If you are looking for a professional organizer to help you take your organizing to the next level, you can connect with Monika through her website, Facebook page, or for a free consultation call 425-220-8905. Connect with us via our app (iPhone, Android) and we’ll haul your trash, recyclables, and donations away.