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Affordable Waste Removal for Property Managers

For property owners, getting rid of unwanted items really should be as easy as tossing a mattress into a dumpster or hauling a major appliance out to the curb, but thanks to local laws and regulations regarding how trash removal and recycling is handled, it’s not that easy. Just in Portland, OR, for example, there are all sort of rules and regulations that property owners (and, if applicable, their tenants) need to adhere to when disposing of literally anything beyond simple trash and recycling. It can be a lot to keep up with, and it certainly can become very frustrating to face any sort of confusion or make a costly mistake.

The easy solution, of course, is to download the Go Trashy app and allow us to take care of anything you may need in terms of donation pick up, recycling, or disposing of anything you'd rather not deal with as a property manager. All you have to do is snap a picture of your item(s) with the app, and you will receive an immediate quote for the removal of those items. If the price is acceptable to you, we will come to the designated property, pick up whatever needs picking up, and be on our way. It is no exaggeration to say that literally nothing could be easier.

If you are a property owner, Go Trashy can pick up any of the following items:


Neighborhood garbage trucks are not picking up old refrigerators or deep freezers, but one of our Go Trashy junk haulers absolutely will. Our haulers pick up the appliance right from your curb and haul it onto to the truck for you, making it as easy a transaction as it possibly could be.


When it comes to replacing furnished properties, the time always comes for property managers to replace old sofas and beds, both of which are entirely too big for curb disposal. Whether it’s a couch or mattress, Go Trashy haulers are equipped to take them away, and since we work so closely with Habitat for Humanity, we may be able to find a nice new home for those items rather than throw them away. Furniture removal doesn’t have to be a pain any more!

Construction Debris

While many contractors will include junk removal in their estimates, do-it-yourself construction can create quite a lot of debris that must be disposed of safely and legally. Whether its bricks, shingles, or old plumbing, Go Trashy drivers are happy to remove it from your property.

Abandoned Storage Units

All those reality television shows about abandoned storage unit auctions make it look incredibly exciting, but the truth is most people take anything of value out of a unit before leaving it to the property managers to clean. We are happy to do that work for you and haul away whatever useless trash the previous owner of the unit left behind. Just download our app, snap a pic, get a quote, and a hauler will be there as soon as possible!

Few things are as satisfying as purging junk that has been clogging up your properties for ages, but in the past it has not been particularly easy to get rid of it. Thanks to Go Trashy, your disposal needs are effectively solved with a tap of a screen on our easy-to-use smartphone app. Download the app today or contact Go Trashy any time when the time comes for junk removal, recycling, or donating anything you'd rather not deal with.

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