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Event Cleanup

Affordable Waste Removal for Event Organizers

If you’re an event organizer or party planner, you know the event doesn’t end once the last guest is gone. Just like the setup that no one sees, there is an after event cleanup process that needs to happen to be a true success. Most venues require the renter to take care of waste removal and if you haven’t rented a venue do you honestly want to leave heaps of trash at your client’s home or office?  

Event Cleanup made Easy

Waste Removal for Event OrganizersWaste Removal  is everyone’s least favorite part of the job, but it doesn’t have to be difficult or drawn out. In fact, with the Go Trashy app (iPhone, Android) it can be as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Assign everyone a clean-up job to do.
    • Chairs and tables and other tear down – take down and store/pack in designated area.
    • Dishes – clear from table, dispose of food and other waste in pre-lined containers. Wash dishes.
    • Linens – Remove and wash.
    • Sweep/vacuum floors – spot clean as needed to be sure any deposit is returned.
    • Janitorial – empty waste bins, check bathrooms, pick up loose garbage and other disposable items.
    • General pick up – decorations, disposable items, speakers, party favors, etc.
  2. Condense all trash and set out at curb.
    • Assign a team lead for each of the above jobs and have that person be responsible for bringing out that team’s garbage and recycling out to the curb.
  3. Request an on demand trash pickup using the Go Trashy app (iPhone, Android).

Your event doesn’t have to be big to use Go Trashy for waste removal. All gatherings produce garbage and big or small, we take it all. Download the Go Trashy app (iPhone, Android) and let us take care of the event cleanup so you can revel in the success of the day.  

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