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Donation Pick Up

The Donation Dilemma

How many times have you driven by the Goodwill donation truck and taken immediate mental inventory of your car, only to discover you left your donations at home…again. As a conscientious person, filling your waste container full of what could be true gifts to others... it just doesn’t feel right.  It can be hard though, to load up the car with kids or weekend gear for sports or camping, and still have room for donations on top of it all. Many cars just fit the kids! Often, a trip to the donation center takes planning in our busy schedules. How do we make it happen? How do we balance the desire to set an example for our kids, grow our community, and simply give because someone somewhere is desperate for our junk with the need to be where we need to, accomplish the daily gift of living, and spend time with our families? All without feeling guilty that we left the donations in the garage. Again.

The Solution to Share the Love

There’s an easy and convenient way to resolve the donation pick up quandary. Download the Go Trashy app (it’s free!) and get back to packing for the weekend while we take care of the donation. The app is easy-to- use and you see your donations disappear and get into the hands of someone who needs it in three simple steps:

  1. Download the app.
  2. Take a picture (via the app) of the items for pick up.
  3. Once the quote comes through, if the price is right for you we’ll come to the address you
    specify and remove the items.

Pick up done!

This is such a fun and easy way to not only arrange a donation pick up, but to give new life to your used items. Otherwise known as upcycling! We work closely with Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill, and Upcyclers so your donations will find new homes through them.

If you’re curious if Go Trashy will pick up your donations, here is a quick summary of the items we can take:


Lawn furniture, old sofas and rockers, desks and tables – you name it, we can take it! If you can furnish a house with it, in just about every case, we can take it.


If you are donating an appliance, please be sure it is working. We know weekly garbage service trucks do not take most appliances, but we can – whether you’re leaving it out for donation pick up or junk removal. We do request you let us know which it is and your hauler will make the removal process simple!


Your VCR or tape deck may seem old to you, but it’s priceless to someone else! Put these vintage items out for your donation pick up and we’ll whisk them away so they can groove on elsewhere. Lamps, microwaves, power tools, and all manner of things with plugs and batteries we’ll happily haul away.


All of us love toys, so why throw a perfectly good puzzle or board game away? But you won’t – that’s why you’re here! So, whether it’s toys for the young or those for the young-at- heart, Go Trashy is ready to partner with you to bring smiles to someone new.


The list of everything Go Trashy will take as part of your donation pick up is vast. Know that most household items such as kitchen tools, bathroom décor, and household trappings will be accepted. If you have any questions about whether you need donation pick up or trash removal, just contact us and we’ll let you know! There’s a special sort of joy that comes from giving without expectations. We know you are the sort of person that gives back to the community and wants to make it a better, safer place. Here at Go Trashy, that is our goal, too. Let’s team up! Through regular donation pick-ups we can make our communities places all can thrive.

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